I hope to have an ad free site that works well for event providers and dancers.

At the moment people can register to create events and venues with minimum hassle.
Registration is free and venue creation is free, you can place class days/times in your
venue description free. you can edit your venue(s) without restriction. You get 10
event credits on registration. Now classes are free to list due to feedback

There's some rough edges due to the components I've used but I'll try to smooth them out.

I only used uk-jive.co.uk as an end user so I don't know what the back end was like. I am a
dancer so I know what I want to know.  If the website can be improved let me know on the
contact form.

Latest pricing is 2 events per £ This is the cost to list freestyles on the main pages
there's no charge for venues. You can just list freestyles.
I'm NOW NOT putting paypal as the main payment I now hope to to take bank transfers
standing orders and dirty cash (used non-sequential etc.). Paypal used to be simple and
cheap but its no longer simple and requires the skills I had decades ago.

I'm aiming for a GDPR friendly site because I'm not asking for any information that is
personal. (really I don't want it unless I have to send vern and the boys round for debt

There's lots of features that come with the components I've used but they're not all necessarily
implemented so if you see a button that says "make me a god" you may be disappointed.

Real people can use the contact form to tell me where I've gone wrong but don't use a web link
"your website doesn't do this" is fine but https://thiswebsite/rubbishpage won't get through
(no that's not a real website). If the "How To" isn't clear enough put your phone number on the
contact form and I'll try to get back to you.

This website is not connected/anything to do with uk-jive.co.uk (notice the dash).